Regaining Natural Sleep
Regaining Natural Sleep
By Dr. John D Lentz

"After listening to this recording I slept soundly and restfully for the first time in over two years," said one client.

"This recording gave me the belief back that I could rest fully and deeply through the night," offered another.

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This CD is very helpful if you would like to regain restful sleep without taking pills. The self-hypnotic approach offered has been very effective in helping people with short or long-term insomnia begin to sleep naturally and restoratively.

Our bodies were designed for sleep. Yet stress, attitudes and concerns both major and minor can steal what is naturally and rightfully ours: peaceful and restful sleep. This CD subjects those stresses and concerns to positive trances and images that restore your ability to set aside your worries. By regaining your ability to sleep, you can look at issues with a clear head, and find helpful ways to deal with chronic stresses or temporary difficulties while awake.

Regaining Natural Sleep uses trance techniques along with the timeless wisdom of the Bible to induce natural sleep. It's very effective for combating insomnia and sleep disorders that are stress-related. In fact, some people have found it much more helpful than medications because it gives them a sense of accomplishment as well as the ability to sleep.