Prosperous Possibilities
Prosperous Possibilities
By Dr. John D Lentz

While this CD is helpful on its own, if you struggle with shame or anger about money or success, we also recommend the CDs about anger and forgiveness. The three together would be very helpful.

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Prosperity can be elusive because of blocks we're not even aware we have. Some of these blocks come through the culture in ways that few of us would recognize. According to the book "The Millionaire Next Door," the longer a person's family has been in this country the less likely that a person is to become a millionaire. Isn't that interesting?

Another way this happens is through beliefs that seem appropriate and are in many instances -- except when attached to money or to whether you deserve to be successful. For example, some folks unconsciously desire to not stand out or to not hurt others' feelings because of their success. This is a kind and admirable intention but it usually doesn't work in relationships and it blocks us from being able to be successful. Being kind is a good thing. Being kind by not succeeding isn't.

There are also blocks to handling money and being successful that are primarily emotional and seldom dealt with by conscious thought. For instance, anger, shame, and fear make for very bad financial advice.

Prosperous Possibilities uses wisdom from the Bible as well as insights from clinical practice that have helped clients transform blocks to their financial success. This CD employs self-hypnosis to help free you from the cycle of debt and from other impediments to prosperity. It will also assist you with moving past roadblocks to other forms of personal success.