Transforming Miscommunication
Transforming Mis-Communication
An Ericksonian and Spriritual Guide to Clear Communication
By Dr. John D Lentz

Format: Paperback

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In this unique book, Dr. John Lentz offers insights into what is behind our most common miscommunications.

Using his years of experience as a therapist, including his work as an Ericksonian hypnotist, Dr. Lentz explores circular and repetitive miscommunication, discounting communication, communication through money, and others. He then offers solutions to these problems -- solutions that become readily apparent once you understand how personal history, family dynamics, past traumas and other life events can drive miscommunication.

Dr. Lentz brings a deep level of understanding to the problems that often plague our discourse with other people, be they our spouses and partners, our children, our friends, or our co-workers. This is a practical guide to transforming miscommunication into healthy, positive communication and behavior.