Healing Migraine Headaches
Healing Migraine Headaches
By Dr. John D Lentz

Recommended listening: Listen to the CD several times when no headache is present. After four to five listening sessions then play the CD periodically -- once or twice a month for six months -- and later only as needed.

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Healing Migraine Headaches uses therapeutic language in combination with Biblical imagery to enhance your faith and bring you healing.

Having suffered from migraine headaches himself, Dr. Lentz stumbled onto a cure, which he now makes available to you. After extensively researching the emotional causes of migraines, Dr. Lentz tailored an approach that allows people to avoid headaches.

While this CD won't heal the medical conditions that produce migraines, it can greatly minimize or eliminate the emotional components that can trigger the medical causes. After listening to Healing Migraine Headaches, many people have been completely cured of migraines. Others have so reduced the frequency of their migraines that what once was a daily occurrence has become only an annual event.