Feeling Forgiveness
Feeling Forgiveness
By Dr. John D Lentz

Recommended listening: Listen often for the first month, frequently for the second month and then on occasion until no other symptoms are present.

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This recording is designed to help people who have experienced some form of trauma: those who have sexual or physical abuse in their background; those who have witnessed difficult events; those who have experienced survivor guilt when they lived and others did not; or those who have faced traumatic grief.

People who have been through major trauma events can have difficulty achieving positive relationships and feeling successful. Sometimes, they achieve success but have trouble maintaining it.

This recording is especially made for individuals who know they are forgiven yet cannot seem to feel forgiven. It is a tool for people who strive to lead moral lives yet who discover that feeling forgiven is more challenging than just acknowledging that God cares about them. This CD will assist the listener in achieving a closer relationship with God and a deep sense of forgiveness, which has many applications for success in other areas of life, including building healthy relationships and achieving financial security.