Dealing with Criticism
Dealing with Criticism
By Dr. John D Lentz

This CD can be used while in the car as it employs the normal trance state of driving to enhance positive thinking while new and positive messages are delivered.


Many people we meet are critical of everyone and everything in their sights. Arguing or asking them to stop their critical comments usually won't work because they seldom have any conscious awareness they are being critical. Developing non-critical and non-argumentative means to deal with critical people and their comments is a very useful skill. Dealing with Criticism gives you this skill -- and does it in a non-critical way!

This CD offers you a unique hypnotic approach to improving how you feel about yourself. The program employs a light trance and uses multiple stories to convey positive options for dealing with criticism so your unconscious can have new, more wholesome options. This can help keep you safe from criticism.

If sensitivity to critical people is something you struggle with, Dealing with Criticism offers a learning approach that does not require total concentration, note-taking or memorization. Simply listen to the stories on this CD -- they are written in ways to help your unconscious mind accept and use the options. You may find after listening to it for a month that you cope with criticism in new and positive ways.