Anger Management
Anger Management
By Dr. John D Lentz

Recommended listening: Listen often for the first month, frequently for the second month and then on occasion until no other symptoms are present.

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This CD is an effective tool for overcoming disruptive outbursts that push people away and sour relationships. Sometimes in anger, people say or blurt out things they later regret, causing pain to friends or family members. Usually, people who have an issue with anger want desperately to change.

Beyond Anger Management uses Biblical principles, trance meditations and results from clinical observations of people learning to transform anger in healthy ways. Trance meditations approach anger management at an unconscious level, freeing a person from the multiple anger responses they may have developed over time. It gives back to the individual the ability to make healthy choices instead of automatically becoming angry. This program works best with people who realize they have a problem and have not advanced to physical abuse. However, it can still be an important adjunct to treatment where physical abuse has occurred.

Inappropriate use of anger from road rage to knee-jerk anger that poisons relationships can lead to many other problems in life. While some other anger management programs try to teach anger control, this CD will help transform anger. Designed to assist people who over-express emotions as well as people who under-express them, Beyond Anger Management will help listeners achieve a healthy balance of emotional expression. I've seen people improve a great deal in three months with this approach to addressing anger.