Nurturing Affirmations
Nurturing Affirmations
Dealing with Auto-Immune Conditions
By Dr. John D Lentz

One young man who had eczema so badly his hands and feet bled daily, said after about two weeks of listening to this CD that his hands and feet were healed. We believe in this program so much that if you are not satisfied after 30 days, send it back and we will refund your money.


Nurturing Affirmations bathes your mind in relaxing positive emotions and a positive trance state which have been shown to assist healing for a range of difficulties. The science behind this CD is at the cutting edge of understanding about the healing power of the mind.

Nurturing Affirmations is designed to assist your natural healing process. It has been very helpful to people dealing with a variety of stress-sensitive illnesses such as tinnitus, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic back and neck pain. People have also found it helpful in dealing with cancer, eczema, stroke recovery and auto-immune conditions.

While it is aimed at health conditions that are exacerbated by stress -- as many autoimmune and other health conditions are -- the positive trance this CD evokes is pleasant to many people, and helpful in noticeable ways to those who need healing. Listeners report a higher state of relaxation and a sense of recovery of their own strengths, as well as feeling closer to God.